The challenge

In the past, when we faced a challenge, we quickly build up a team to handle it.

The digital world, broke it. We are a batch of individuals live our life in our smartphones' world.

We find it hard to cooperate even with the closest friends and family. We have endless groups that we belong to. But most of them are ineffective and even harmful. When we have a challenge, a dilemma, or a question to be answered, we fail to establish the right frame to handle it. We just want to be part of a team where we can: enjoy, learn together and make good decisions

frenziQ magic

Use the appropriate frenziQ team for the right purpose. 

Of course, it's not magic that happens, and like everything in life the team should have to work (and practice) together to get the best performance.

frenziQ is a fun practicing experience in teams. It makes Improvement itself be fun. It engages teams to work together and increases team mates’ satisfaction.

The process is simple and achievable based on team thinking game which empower players to conduct discussions and team play versus other teams



The most effective way to create a winning team (who enjoys working together) is to get them to connect to something bigger.

Team work

Players as teams in arena receive questions and needs to solve these as a team.


In order to outperform players communicate within each team using in-app chat, so team discussions is organically formed around the subject of a question.


Scoring depends on speed of answering compared to other teams and can be affected by incorrect answers.



motivate community members by recognizing success in team.

Keep in touch

Community leaders can participates in team discussions and explain a topic online in the chat.


frenziQ is a software as a service licensed in subscription model therefore no upfront cost is required. The benefit frenziQ brings comes by engaging players, therefore cost is aligned to engaged players and is based on monthly active users.

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About Us

In frenziQ we believe in uniting people by creating common goals they can achieve together, and we do this with a mobile app where teams collaborate and together solve questions, riddles and problems, while competing with other teams.

Core team

frenziQ team is built of past colleagues who became friends.
 All are experienced in the Hi-Tech industry, with proven record of building successful products and solutions. 

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